Investing in your vision today
could save you money


Did you know that LASIK may also lead to long-term savings? Having your
vision corrected may eliminate your need to pay and care for eyeglasses and
contact lenses altogether, giving you improved vision with less upkeep.

Pay one price, one time

When it comes to glasses and contacts, you will always need to refill or replace your prescriptions.


Patients who wear glasses spend an average of $472 annually for all goods and services, while contact lens wearers spend $1,052.1


If you do the math, you may find that LASIK could end up saving you money over time in comparison to the yearly costs of eyeglasses and contact lenses.


What determines
the cost


There’s no single price tag on a LASIK procedure, but there are factors that can impact the cost:


Laser system used
Diagnostic tests used
Surgeon reputation, experience, and skill

How to budget

As LASIK is an elective procedure, it isn't usually covered by private insurance or Medicare. However, if your insurance gives you the choice of a flex spending account or health savings account, you might see whether those funds could be used for your procedure. Some surgeons also offer payment plans.




1. Alcon data on file, 2018.