Refine Your View With PRK


PRK, LASIK, and CONTOURA® Vision all use laser energy to reshape the cornea of your eye, but PRK uses a different surgical technique to access that part of your eye.


During PRK eye surgery, your doctor will remove a thin layer of corneal tissue to expose the cornea for reshaping, compared to LASIK, which creates a flap in the tissue to be replaced after surgery

1. Surgeon administers anesthetic drops and a solution that helps soften the cornea

2. The corneal surface is smoothed using an instrument

3. Laser energy reshapes the cornea

4. A soft bandage is placed on the cornea to help it heal

Some of the differences between PRK and LASIK can include:


Healing Time: LASIK can sometimes deliver clearer vision
faster than PRK

• Healing Conditions: PRK may be recommended for those who participate in contact sports, have dry eye or thin corneas

Cost: Prices and insurance coverage vary, but PRK can
sometimes cost less than other kinds of LASIK procedures