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For decades, LASIK has been offering people an alternative to contacts and glasses — and the technology behind it has continued to advance, along with the results.

WaveLight® LASIK technology offers the chance to see the world like never before

Have you ever seen a field of wildflowers in vivid color? Do your eyes allow you to appreciate the thrilling motion of crashing waves? If you want to experience the world in its full, exhilarating beauty, you may be in the right place. The WaveLight® LASIK vision correction system is known for its accuracy and for the crisp, clear vision it produces. And because life moves quickly, it’s also the fastest LASIK option available. In fact, more patients are treated on the WaveLight® plaftorm than any other.1


What are you waiting for?

In just a few minutes, you could start experiencing the world in amazing detail

  • Precise: Helps your laser vision correction doctor reshape the intricate landscapes of your cornea, smoothing out the irregularities that cause astigmatism


  • Fast: Takes only seconds of laser treatment on each eye, depending on the amount of correction


  • Effective: You may notice clearer vision immediately after your procedure, and your vision will continue to improve in the months to follow


  • Cool: “Cool beam” technology provides only the reshaping you need for better vision


Breathtaking Color

WaveLight® LASIK technology can bring a new level of color and detail to your world.

Important LASIK callout

*In a survey of 124 patients.

Can LASIK fix nearsightedness? You bet it can.

Nearsightedness makes objects in the distance appear blurry. For example, the dashboard of your car might be completely clear, but when you look at a sign further down the road, it’s blurry without the aid of glasses or contacts.


Typically, nearsightedness occurs when the cornea is too steep. With WaveLight® LASIK technology, your LASIK doctor can correct the causes of nearsightedness, precisely flattening the center of the cornea and allowing light to better focus on the retina for clearer vision up close and farther away.


There are even more personalized LASIK treatments for your nearsightedness. CONTOURA® Vision Topography-Guided LASIK tailors your laser vision correction procedure to your unique eye.


Can LASIK fix farsightedness? Absolutely.

Farsightedness causes blurry vision up close. If you experience farsighteness, you may be able to see the books on a bookshelf clearly from a good distance, but have trouble reading the page of a book in your hand without corrective lenses.


Farsightedness is a type of refractive error that occurs when the cornea is either too flat or the eye is too short. WaveLight® LASIK technology can correct this problem by addressing the causes of farsightedness, reshaping outer parts of the cornea to make it steeper. This allows light to more accurately focus onto the retina for clearer vision across multiple distances.

Important stats about farsighted patients

Out of 124 patients from the clinical study, 122 responded that they would have LASIK again.

Astigmatism is a thing of the past with LASIK

Astigmatism is when the cornea is more curved in one direction than the other. A healthy cornea will be spherical like a basketball while eyes with astigmatism tend to have more of a football shape. This football shape bends and distorts light as it enters the eye, creating blurry vision whether you’re looking at something close up or far away. It’s possible to have astigmatism by itself or with either nearsightedness or farsightedness.


Most people with astigmatism are born with it, but WaveLight® LASIK technology can correct astigmatic eyes by rounding out the steeper area of the cornea. LASIK for astigmatism may give you the chance to leave corrective lenses behind.

Find relief from the distractions of glasses and contacts

Let’s face it, glasses and contacts can only do so much for your vision. They might even catch you off guard with the way they respond to different lighting environments. Wouldn’t you rather have the vision you’ve always wanted without thinking twice about where your glasses are or running out of contact lenses?


WaveLight® technology with CONTOURA® Vision lets you see the world with improvements in many of the visual symptoms commonly associated with glasses and contact lenses.4 In fact, this is the first FDA-approved vision correction procedure where some patients achieve better vision than they had with their glasses or contacts.4

See how LASIK could free you from the vision conditions holding you back

When it comes to laser vision correction, personalization is key to helping you get the most from your vision. Learn how LASIK with WaveLight® LASIK technology and CONTOURA® Vision can treat your visual needs.


While complications or side effects are possible with any surgical procedure, LASIK with WaveLight® LASIK technology and CONTOURA® Vision has been shown to be safe and effective.

Learn more about LASIK safety. 


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