LASIK procedures using WaveLight® LASIK technology and CONTOURA® Vision are bringing people the vision of a lifetime. With the power to provide real personalization for every unique eye, the technology delivers results for real satisfaction.


Watch the LASIK stories below to see why people just like you are thrilled to have stepped into a life made possible by laser vision correction using WaveLight® LASIK technology and CONTOURA® Vision.

Amery’s LASIK Story (Part 1)

For Amery, glasses and contacts were a burden to his ability to teach and participate in some of his favorite hobbies. Now he has the clarity and confidence he always wanted to get out of his vision.

Amery’s LASIK Story (Part 2)

Amery wasn’t always comfortable with the idea of LASIK. But after talking through his concerns with a doctor and weighing the pros and cons, he felt that it was time to get his vision in a good place.

Amery’s LASIK Story (Part 3)

Now that Amery’s dream vision is a reality, he realizes new details everywhere he looks.

Katie’s LASIK Story (Part 1)

Katie grew up wearing glasses and contacts, but neither option was ideal for her athletic and studious lifestyle. Now, LASIK has given her the freedom to enjoy everything from exercise to blogging without glasses or contacts getting in the way.

Katie’s LASIK Story (Part 2)

Katie was a little nervous on the day of her procedure. But before it started, she was reassured by the staff and comforted by a video that showed her what to expect.

Katie’s LASIK Story (Part 3)

As Katie was driven home from her LASIK procedure, she was mesmerized by all of the detail in the scenery around her.

Melinda’s LASIK Story

As a zookeeper with an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, Melinda depends on her vision every moment of the day, even when she’s off the clock. And after LASIK with CONTOURA® Vision, she’s enjoying excellent vision all the time — without needing to find her glasses.

Paul’s LASIK Story

Paul’s poor vision hindered him throughout his life, but especially during his time as a U.S. Marine and his career as a police officer. But the world looks much better to him after LASIK with CONTOURA® Vision.

Marliane’s and Ronald’s LASIK Story (Part 1)

With two girls, Marliane and Ronald easily saw the potential benefit of LASIK. Without the need for glasses, they would stop getting in the way — no more small hands grabbing at eyeglass frames.

Marliane’s and Ronald’s LASIK Story (Part 2)

Marliane and Ronald continue their LASIK journey. Find out how these parents made their transition.

Marliane’s and Ronald’s LASIK Story (Part 3)

Marliane and Ronald conclude the story of their LASIK journey. Find out what they learned along the way.

Robin’s LASIK Story (Part 1)

As a television reporter, countless eyes are on Robin every night. And every night, she was used to the same routine: taking out contacts; placing them in a contact case; filling the case with saline solution. It had gotten to the point where she stopped thinking about it. Until the day she realized she didn´t have to do it anymore.

Robin’s LASIK Story (Part 2)

Join Robin as she continues relating her experience with LASIK. Find out what’s new in her post-treatment life.

Robin’s LASIK Story (Part 3)

Robin finishes telling her LASIK story. Compared to when she wore contacts, her world now looks very different, and her life is different too.

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