CONTOURA® Vision completely redefines vision by bringing more detail to every moment of life

LASIK fixes refractive errors to give you a life without corrective lenses

Refractive errors are imperfections in the eye that prevent light from focusing properly. This is what causes blurred vision. Common refractive errors include nearsightedness and astigmatism.


If you have one or both of these, chances are you’ve worn glasses or contacts for as long as you can remember. LASIK procedures using WaveLight® LASIK technology with CONTOURA® Vision are designed to give you the power to change that. And in fact, more patients are treated on the WaveLight® plaftorm than any other.1

With CONTOURA® Vision, LASIK is personalized to help you get even more

As impressive as WaveLight® LASIK vision correction system may sound, it’s just the beginning. The surface of your eye is as unique as your fingerprint, and CONTOURA® Vision is revolutionary to LASIK, working with WaveLight® LASIK technology to tailor your laser vision correction procedure to your unique eye, redefining the quality of what you see.2


You can think of CONTOURA® Vision as “personalized LASIK.” Sometimes known as topography-guided LASIK, CONTOURA® Vision personalizes your LASIK procedure by creating a precise map of your eye that includes up to 22,000 unique elevation points.

CONTOURA® Vision Topography Guided LASIK

What’s the benefit of LASIK with CONTOURA® Vision? Results.

With CONTOURA® Vision, life after a LASIK procedure means excellent vision for a large number of patients. Of eyes treated with CONTOURA® Vision, 92.6% achieved 20/20 vision or better, in an analysis of FDA study results on LASIK.3 And many patients saw even greater benefits from topography-guided LASIK: nearly two-thirds of eyes achieved at least 20/16 vision, and 15.7% of eyes achieved 20/10 vision or better.3


In fact, 98.4% of patients who get CONTOURA® Vision treatment say they would do it again.*,†,2


Incredible quality of vision — without glasses or contacts

In an analysis of FDA study results on LASIK, 92.6% of eyes treated with CONTOURA® Vision achieved 20/20 vision or better — and 15.7% achieved 20/10 vision or better.3

CONTOURA® Vision surgery stats graphic

The first FDA-approved LASIK option superior to glasses and contacts

CONTOURA® Vision outperformed glasses and contacts in 30.9% of eyes receiving treatment, according to an analysis of FDA study results.*,2

CONTOURA® Vision FDA study callout

Better Than Contacts and Glasses

Completely redefine the quality of what you see with CONTOURA® Vision. Free yourself to experience incredible detail, depth and clarity — up close and far away, day and night.

That’s real freedom

CONTOURA® Vision patients experience improvements in many of the visual symptoms commonly associated with glasses and contact lenses.2

CONTOURA® Vision helps with visual symptoms

light sensitivity

CONTOURA® Vision helps with visual symptoms


CONTOURA® Vision helps with visual symptoms

difficulty driving at night

CONTOURA® Vision helps with visual symptoms


CONTOURA® Vision helps with visual symptoms

difficulty reading

CONTOURA® Vision helps with visual symptoms


*Study description: Prospective, nonrandomized, multicenter study of 249 eyes with myopia (up to -9D) or myopic astigmatism of 6.0 D or less. Outcome measures included manifest refraction, UDVA, CDVA and visual symptoms up to 12 months.

In a subset of 124 patients in the clinical study, 122 responded that they would have LASIK again.



1. Market Scope. Refractive Quarterly Update, Q3 – 2018. November 2018.

2. Stulting RD, Fant BS; T-CAT Study Group. Results of topography-guided laser in situ keratomileusis custom ablation treatment with a refractive excimer laser. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2016;42(1):11–18.

3. Durrie DS, Potvin R, Petznick A. More eyes with 20/10 visual acuity at 12 months versus 3 months in a topography-guided excimer laser trial: Possible contributing factors. Paper presented at: ASCRS; March 14, 2018; Chicago, IL.

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