So, you’ve done your homework on LASIK — maybe you’ve even decided you’re ready to get started. But if you’re still wondering what laser vision correction procedures are really like, or you want to learn more about LASIK safety, you’ve come to the right place.

What happens before LASIK?

Your first step will be a visit to the doctor’s office for an evaluation, which is often a lot like a trip to the optometrist. This is when your doctor will determine whether you’re a candidate for LASIK, and if you are, which procedure is best suited for you.

Nature After LASIK

What happens during LASIK?

Once your doctor has evaluated your personal eye measurements, medical history and other factors, your next step as a candidate is usually another visit for the LASIK procedure itself. LASIK safety is a high priority for every doctor, and these procedures are also generally fast and comfortable, following a careful plan developed by your doctor to fit your visual needs.

Patients after LASIK surgery

What can I expect after LASIK?

You’ll usually be able to notice enhanced detail, color, texture and motion soon after LASIK. Your doctor will probably schedule another appointment to check your progress after a short recovery period.

Patients after LASIK surgery

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